By Lisa Brown
November 09, 2020

DALLAS—To better understand office occupancy habits since the lockdowns, Kastle Systems has been studying keycard, fob and KastlePresence app access data from 3,600 buildings and 41,000 businesses across 47 states. The aggregated data tell a story of a nation that quickly sheltered in March and April and is now steadily heading back to work.

Four cities recorded decreases in occupancy rates including Dallas, which had a 2.2% decrease to 41.1%. Despite the drop, Dallas remains the most open city. Houston also maintained its spot as the second most open city at 37.9%.

As Dallas returns to the office, owners are making tech updates to enhance safety of buildings. Within the realm of those tech updates, Granite Properties has made changes portfolio-wide as part of a more than $10 million Inspire Wellness initiative. Will Hendrickson, managing director of Granite Properties’ Dallas office, recently shared what these changes mean for employee health and safety.

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