Creating Connected Communities at Work

TogetherWeConnect® is the heartbeat of the Granite experience with the goal of allowing our customers to flourish in their environments. Through specialized amenities and activities, this comprehensive program allows the development of meaningful connections in the workplace, giving back to the community, and improvement of overall wellness.

TogetherWeConnect® experiences give you the opportunity to flourish where you are.

  • TogetherWeGive Annual Events
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Customer Webinars
  • Building Socials
  • Fitness Classes
  • Customer Connect Meetings
  • Customer Lounges
  • Activated Outdoor Spaces
  • Customer Connection Centers
  • Shared Amenities

Points of Connection

Created as a company-wide initiative, TogetherWeConnect® is Granite’s way of providing an environment where customers engage and interact with each other to build relationships. Through thoughtful programs, activities and branded amenities, our customers have the opportunity to become more connected, bring about positive change in their community, and have some fun along the way. It’s Granite’s way of creating community at work.

Eats – connected by Granite

Onsite food offerings

Move – connected by Granite

Fitness centers

Meet – connected by Granite

Conference centers

The Yard – connected by Granite

Community green space

The Lounge – connected by Granite

Campus living rooms

Connection in Action

Summer Snacks for Kids

TogetherWeGive Summer Event

Granite customers, along with team members in each city, have packed snack bags for more than 62,340 kids and made a positive impact on the children served by the Boys & Girls Clubs. These are kids that often don’t have access to meals or snacks during the summer, unless provided by the club.

Caring for our Seniors

TogetherWeGive Winter Event

Thanks to our customers, along with the Granite teams, we made the holidays a little merrier for more than 14,835 seniors in 25 assisted living facilities. This program benefits low-income senior care facilities with personal care packages filled with much needed items. Additional gifts were collected from our customers for the activity centers in each facility. The facilities provided a wish list of items, such as games, crafts, movies, blankets – and our customers went above and beyond with these donations!

The feedback we received from both the assisted living facilities and our customers was incredibly meaningful in every city. We touched the lives of so many less fortunate this holiday season!