Who We Are

Inspiring People to Flourish Through the Places We Create

These are the words we live by every day in all of our communities. We use our experience to provide solutions for our customers which are flexible, creative and accountable. Our purpose takes on life when we listen and grows when we serve others.

Granite Promises

  • Customers You can count on us.
  • Brokers We will respect you and the value you bring us.
  • Teammates We will work together and have fun.
  • Partners We will reward excellence with loyalty.
  • Communities We will make a positive difference.
  • Owners We will be respected leaders.
  • Planet We will be responsible stewards of the environment.

Lead. Serve. Create. Improve.


Granite’s 2019 Award Winners

Recognizing Outstanding Employees

Kinsey Hinkson


2019 Living the Purpose

Brittany Bobbitt


2019 Exceeding Expectations

Megan Joseph


2019 Exceeding Expectations

Farron Mock


2019 Exceeding Expectations

Chase Crawford


2019 Exceeding Expectations

Kumi Arimizu

Southern California

2019 Exceeding Expectations

Teammates Celebrating 15+ Years at Granite

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Dallas: Michael Dardick, Michael Wright, Michele Martin, Richard Jordan, Greg Fuller, Stephanie Hudson, Carol Wood, Pam Sieling

Dallas: Carol Wood, Michael Dardick, Stephanie Hudson

Dallas: Suzanne Bechtol, Pam Sieling, Jim Barron, Stephanie Hudson

Dallas: Jim Barron, Paul Bennett, David Cunningham, Bill Brown

Dallas: Michele Martin, James Thibodeaux, Tessie Nolan, Stephanie Hudson, Pam Sieling, Carol Wood

Houston: Steve West, Norma Lahrmann, Johnny Ferro, Dean Thomas, Sandy Benak, Scott Martin, Kristi McLeod, Geneva Smith

Houston: Scott Martin, Norma Lahrmann, Johnny Ferro, Dean Thomas

Houston: Kristi McLeod, Dean Thomas, Norma Lahrmann, Johnny Ferro, Steve West

Houston: Kristi McLeod, Sandy Benak, Geneva Smith

Community Involvement

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