Expertise and Innovation

From our leadership team to leasing and operations staff, accounting and IT, our professionals are encouraged to expand their knowledge and stay at the forefront of the industry. Every team member is a hands-on contributor to creating environments which help our customers achieve their goals.

Granite’s size, operational experience, parterships, and breadth of resources allow us to make appropriate adjustments to short-term and long-term objectives with flexibility and speed-to-execution in response to economic changes and opportunities.


Creating Value Through Better Decision Making

Financial Expertise

  • Best in class systems, processes and real estate professionals
  • Highest ethical standards
  • Collaborative and innovative team
  • Ability to understand and respond to complicated financial arrangements


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Construction Management

Built on Ownership Mentality

  • Best in class systems and processes
  • Useful and transparent reporting and budgeting
  • Collaborative and innovative team of real estate professionals
  • Ability to understand and respond to complicated financial arrangements


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Corporate Marketing

Elevating Granite’s Unique Brand

  • Dedicated commercial real estate marketing professionals with real time expertise
  • Partner with industry and external experts to maximize impact
  • Strategic collaborative approach to support community and successful leasing in the places we create


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Creating Customer Centric Properties of Excellence

  • Developed 27 projects worth almost $2 billion with an unlevered IRR of 15%
  • Established the knowledge to navigate complex projects
  • Focused on product design and construction trends to deliver superior, modern office buildings and mixed-use properties
  • Comprehensive industry network comprised of loyal design partners and construction experts
  • Land and construction entitlement
  • Building concept design and underwriting oversight
  • Bid, award, contracting and construction management


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Development Services

Development expertise from an owner perspective

Development Services by Granite is focused on client objectives, customer experience, and quality product. Because of our ownership mentality, we can be a strong advocate and fiduciary for customers. We take projects from start to finish: site acquisition, entitlements, planning and design, construction, and occupancy.

  • Approach projects with sound business fundamentals
  • Site analysis
  • Entitlement management and incentive negotiations
  • Comprehensive budgeting
  • Management of A & E services
  • FF&E programming and procurement
  • Sustainability & wellness goal management
  • Interior Construction

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Capital Markets and Portfolio Management

Creating and Managing Aligned Partnerships

Capital Markets

  • Sourcing and managing debt and external equity aligning with our strong long-term ownership partner.
  • Taking ownership of complicated financial arrangements – ensuring value-add decision making, documentation and communication.
  • In 2021-2022, executed $2 billion of transactions with over $1 billion of debt and over $400 million of external equity commitment.

Portfolio Management

  • With a focus on maximizing investor returns, collaborating with internal leaders and external partners on major decisions, strategic planning, financial results and market views.
  • Ensuring alignment and Granite’s fiduciary obligations to our investors.

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Human Resources

Creating Exceptional Employee Experiences

Serving Granite by advocating for each Granite team member while providing an exceptional and personalized experience:

  • Collaboration
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Leverage employee strengths
  • Serve others
  • Have fun


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Information Technology

Technology Solutions Improving Productivity and Efficiency

  • Extensive team experience providing leading commercial real estate technology solutions
  • Focus on internal collaborations to deliver tailored results
  • Innovative and trusted industry leadership


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Focused Expertise Generating Above Market Returns

Disciplined Investment Strategy

  • Centralized investment management provides macro thematic view and guides investment focus
  • Zero losses out of 73 office investments since 1991
  • Exceeded underwritten terms by 450 basis points demonstrating conservatism in underwriting and performance

Deal Sourcing Network

  • 47% of Granite’s office deployment through off-market transactions since 2009
  • $8 billion of transactions completed since 1991
  • Local market expert positioned in each Granite market
  • $1.5 billion development pipeline

Oversight Provided by Multi-Disciplined Experienced Professionals

  • 13% unlevered IRR average on all office transactions since 1991
  • In-house operations, development and construction providing insight into customer and asset trends for amenities, building features and pricing


For more information, please contact Bill Brown at

Market Leaders

Local Market Experts Creating Collaborative Success

Market leaders guide the teams in each of our markets, driving asset performance and sourcing investments through strong local relationships and market knowledge.

  • The market leadership team has a 28 year track record together
  • Granite, with the help of the market leaders, has delivered to our investors an average of 13% unlevered IRR
  • Unparalleled relationships and local market knowledge


For more information, please contact Scott Martin at


Workplace Solutions Through Expert Leasing

  • Streamlined leasing processes for fast and efficient transactions
  • Exceptional customer service throughout leasing process
  • Local decision making saving our customers time and effort


For more information on Dallas leasing, please contact Robert Jimenez at or 972-731-2300.

For more information on Houston leasing, please contact Jon Dutton at or 713-781-8000.

For more information on Atlanta leasing, please contact John Robbins at or 770-200-7325.

For more information on Denver leasing, please contact Stephanie Lawrence at or 303-804-4700.

For more information on Southern California leasing, please contact Paul Bennett at or 949-725-9900

Property Experience Team

Creating Human-Centered Workplaces

Granite’s Property Experience (PX) Team delivers exceptional service in the form of property management duties and day-to-day experiences for our customers.

  • Committed to providing healthy workplaces & sustainable practices
  • Collaborating with our customers and vendor partners to make a positive impact
  • Actively involved in our industry and communities
  • Creating unique experiences that enhance work-life harmony for our customers
  • Focused on amenity-rich offerings and competitive operating expenses
  • Bringing a fresh perspective to the workplace, so that our customers attract the top talent in their industries


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