Granite ESG

Environmental Social Governance

Granite putting ESG to work – for you.

At Granite, our Environmental, Social and Governance principles have always been a guiding part of our company’s core values. They are ingrained into our culture and mission to build a better world for our communities, customers, partners and team members.

We endeavor to be industry leaders in making real estate and development opportunities environmentally and socially responsible.

Our governance guideposts are based on the highest standards of ethics, equality and diversity. It’s how we envision, plan, invest and build a greener future for growth, sustainability and opportunity.


  • Early adoption of Energy Star
    • Tracking 100% of our properties
    • Rated 74% of our properties
    • Maintain Energy Star rating on all properties >50% leased
  • Certifications:
    • LEED: 20 of 34 properties
      • 11 Gold / 6 Silver / 3 Awarded
    • Green Globes: 3 properties
  • Completion of 3 Adaptive Reuse Properties
  • Program for Recycling
  • Develop with outdoor greenspace and biophilic design


  • Bi-annual review of financials with employees
  • Profit-sharing
  • Industry leadership for certifications and best practices
  • Property inspections
  • Cyber protection and training
  • EC/MC/LEC/LEAD collaborative leadership teams