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The Granite leadership has navigated 5 downturns as a team and has a successful three-decade track record of acquisition,  development and financial structuring with consistent senior management

Sandy Benak, CCIM

Senior Director, Corporate Marketing

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Paul Bennett, CPA

Senior Managing Director, Dallas & Southern California

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Aaron Bidne

Director of Development

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Bill Brown

President & Chief Investment Officer

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Michael Dardick

Executive Chairman

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Greg Fuller

Chief Operating Officer

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Will Hendrickson

Chief Executive Officer

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Robert Jimenez, CCIM

Senior Director of Corporate Leasing

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Megan Joseph

Senior Director of Human Resources

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Stephanie Lawrence

Senior Managing Director, Denver

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Scott Martin

Executive Managing Director

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Tessie Nolan, CPM

Senior Director, Property Experience Team

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Clint Osteen

Senior Director of Information Technology

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Jill Pyland

Director of Accounting

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John Robbins

Senior Managing Director, Atlanta

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Ace Roman

Chief Financial Officer

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Sheryl Troiani, CPA

Chief Administrative Officer

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Leadership Education and Development

Nurturing Talent and Leadership with LEAD and Leading Edge Programs

Leadership development, career growth and opportunities for team members to flourish are high priorities at Granite. Every year, a group of Granite team members take part in an immersive cross-company business training class called Leadership Education and Development (LEAD). Team members have the opportunity to explore all aspects of the business from development to property management while honing their leadership skills. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and act as role models to others.

In 2019, with an eye toward the future, Granite launched a new leadership program called Leading Edge Committee (LEC) developing strong leaders to deliver on Granite’s future strategy. Through experiential learning, cross-functional collaboration, and exposure to enterprise-wide strategic planning, structure and culture, Leading Edge is designed to prepare leaders to succeed in higher positions and lead Granite in the future. The program offers meaningful work experiences that link directly to Granite’s strategic priorities, enabling accelerated career progression for team members.

With a firm commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive teams, Granite founded a DEI Council in 2021.

Through our leadership development programs, Granite employees have the opportunity to foster a blend of education, personal growth and core workplace instruction.