By Lisa Brown
October 2, 2017

DALLAS—Granite Properties, a commercial real estate investment and management company headquartered in Dallas, has a flexible work environment, female executives and a sense of community/family. In this exclusive, Melissa Labor, senior director of human resources and culture, recently discussed the evolving role of women in CRE, the advantages of female input and the challenges women face in this industry. How have women’s roles evolved in CRE in recent years?

Labor: Commercial real estate is experiencing all types of changes and disruption, not the least of which is the changing roles of women in the industry. There is still more work to do in increasing the numbers of women in CRE. But, we are moving in on the gap. We see more women rising to higher levels and are taking on what have been considered more traditional roles like development/construction project management, investment and leadership. For instance at Granite, 24% of women have executive positions and 41% are in mid-level managerial positions; this has been an incremental increase.

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