By Michael Dardick
May 6, 2020

Well, the good news is that we all made it to May! We certainly are living through incredibly uncertain and bizarre times, but we will get through this and need to think about the future.

So, what does the workplace of the future look like?

Well, the short answer is that none of us really knows because things are unlike anything we’ve seen before.

We do know that an employers’ focus will be on the health and safety of their teams while trying to resume productivity. So, just like office buildings, there will likely be some basics, like:

• Cleaning–more frequent cleaning of high touch areas and cleaning people are wearing PPE.
• HVAC–much more focus on air quality through proper humidity/temperature, extra cleaning of air handlers, coils, cooling towers, etc., better air filters, and more fresh air supply.
• Social distancing–designated “walk areas” through common areas, separation in elevators, reduced density of conferencing facilities, etc.

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