By Steve Brown
Jun 26, 2020 CDT

A new Uptown Dallas high-rise in the works could start construction as soon as early next year.

The 26-story 23Springs office tower would replace low-rise buildings at the corner of Cedar Springs Road and Maple Avenue.

Developer Granite Properties has been working on the development for almost two years and is pushing ahead with final details and a hunt for business tenants.

The tower, which will be across the street from the Crescent, will take almost three years to construct.

“If we start in March of 2021 we will have a first quarter of 2024 delivery date,” said Will Hendrickson, Granite Properties’ senior managing director. “We will have our construction documents fully finalized by the end of this year.

“Our goal was to get the project teed up and ready to start and get as much advanced work as we can so we can hit the ground running.”

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