Fall 2022 Issue

Ron Derven

This Dallas-based developer, investor and management firm has grown to $3 billion in assets by delivering mixed-use facilities with innovative wellness programs and top amenities.

Granite Properties CEO Michael Dardick founded the company with the Schusterman family, long-time philanthropists and leaders in the oil and gas industry, in 1991.

Since its founding in Dallas in 1991, Granite Properties has understood the impact of real estate developments on people and communities. That’s why it creates spaces and relationships where people can flourish while supporting local communities.

For its outstanding quality of products and services, financial stability, ability to adapt to market conditions, support of NAIOP and support for the communities where it works, Granite Properties is NAIOP’s 2022 Developer of the Year.

“This award is recognition from our peers that not only are we doing good things, but we are doing them in a way that benefits all of our constituencies,” said Michael Dardick, CEO of Granite. “What makes it even more special is that it comes from NAIOP, a prestigious industry group.”

“At Granite, we have an amazing development team,” said Greg Fuller, president and COO of Granite. “That team, however, is supported by accountants, property managers, IT professionals and many others. It takes many people to create our special projects.”

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