A Message from Granite Regarding Re-Entry

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Updated: 7/6/2020

As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold across our nation and the world, we can all do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at home, at work and in our communities. This includes washing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, staying home when feeling ill, and social distancing wherever we go. We know we will get through this difficult time – because we are all in this TOGETHER.

To help with the transition from working from home to returning to the office and in support of the safety of our customers, Granite has compiled a “Guide To Re-Entry”, which provides information and best practices for our office buildings (some of this information may vary for our retail centers). We encourage you (our valued Customers) to use these guidelines to prepare your organization and help set expectations for the new “normal” when visiting a Granite property.

The safety and well-being of our customers, our employees and vendor partners is our highest priority. As always, our Granite Property Experience (PX) Team has worked hard to prepare our buildings for your return and we are here to help! Please contact the Customer Connection Center if you have any questions.

General Information

Customer Connection Center

Although the Customer Connection Center will continue to be operated remotely by the Granite PX Team, engineering is onsite.  The engineers are available to respond to emergency calls quickly though there may be a delay for non-emergency calls as our team is practicing social distancing measures which may result in the engineers entering your space at a time when it is less occupied. Please continue to use the Work Order Request system as usual. Our team is monitoring Angus closely. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Granite PX Team.

Reporting a Confirmed or Probable COVID-19 Diagnosis

Please contact the Granite PX Team immediately if you have knowledge of a confirmed or probable COVID-19 diagnosis in your workplace; or any questions or concerns.  We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as warranted.

Emergency Notifications

We recently completed an update of designated Customer Contact info for each business.  In addition to typical email correspondence, our Emergency Notification System can notify designated emergency contacts by email and/or text in the event of an emergency.  Please contact the Granite PX Team to report any changes in the emergency contact information for your business.

Body Temperature Checks

Granite will monitor body temperature checks for its own employees, but we will not conduct body temperature checks for anyone else entering the building.  Should you (our Customer) choose to conduct onsite body temperature checks of your own employees, it will be the responsibility of each individual employer to perform the temperature checks within your own suite.

We will continue to monitor all recommendations published by the CDC as well as directives from local jurisdictions regarding PPE as well as body temperature checks and will revise our policies accordingly.

Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

For your safety, all Granite personnel and vendors hired by Granite will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when in any common area or in your suite.

We encourage all customers and building visitors to follow local and / or state laws and executive orders regarding face covering requirements.

Enforcement of Mask Use and Social Distancing Measures

State and local government directives regarding the required use of masks or facial coverings in public spaces differ; however, the CDC strongly recommends the practice along with social distancing to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Granite will post signage in building common area to remind our customers, tenants, and guests that we all have the responsibility to keep each other safe. In markets where mask use is required, the ability to enforce such local and / or state laws and executive orders remains with local law enforcement.

Inside the Building

Amenity Spaces

Shared amenity spaces such as delis, lounges, and courtyards will have modified protocols in place to promote social distancing. Fitness centers and conference rooms will remain closed for now. These protocols enable our staff to focus on disinfecting high-touch areas and diminish the spread of the virus by minimizing the use of high use areas in the building. Signage reflecting these changes will be posted in your building and updates will be communicated as they become available.

Signage and Management of Social Distancing Measures

The Granite PX Team is hard at work installing signage to encourage social distancing in the building. Signage will be posted in common areas, the lobby, outside of elevators and in restrooms advising our customers of the protocols we are putting in place to promote social distancing as well as to communicate updated building procedures.  It is important that we all work together to follow these procedures so that we may minimize the spread of the virus.

Some examples of these recommended actions include maintaining a 6-foot distance from other individuals, abiding to a reduced elevator cab capacity and following marked paths of entry and exit from the building and other related areas.

We will rely on customers and visitors to the building to comply with these recommendations.

Elevator Guidelines

Please be aware of the new elevator guidelines posted in the building. To promote social distancing, you will notice new signage being posted this week.  This signage will indicate a max elevator capacity, a designated elevator queuing area in the Lobby, and floor markings in the elevator cab where each individual should stand. We are counting on everyone to do their part to follow these guidelines.


Social distancing signage will be posted at stairwell entrances. If feasible for your building, some stairwells may be designated as “up” or “down” traffic only. These changes will be communicated to you via email and through posted signage such as this example.

Janitorial Service

While we are continuing to closely monitor expert guidance, we have implemented several measures to help diminish the spread of the virus during this time period while fewer people are in the building. Our cleaning protocols include frequent cleaning of high touch areas such as lobbies, elevators, restrooms and other high touch areas such as door knobs.

The cleaning agents used by the day staff and night crew are CDC / EPA approved.  Hand sanitizer stations are available in the main lobby of each building.  If you would like your suite to be sanitized above our standard-level of cleaning prior to returning to the office, simply place a service request to the online Service Portal under “cleaning” and our Janitorial Team will work with you directly to schedule and bill for this service.

For your safety, you will notice that our day porters are in full personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves.


FedEx/UPS – If you are expecting a delivery please contact the delivery service for special instructions (reroute to a different address, or drop off point such as UPS/FedEx office). The Granite PX Team and our Vendor Partners (security, janitorial) cannot sign off on any deliveries that are made to any Granite buildings. Please note that building personnel cannot allow access for deliveries into your suite. Security will not be responsible for putting packages in the suite if left at door due to liability. This will be the responsibility of your company.

USPS Postal Service – The post office has access to all buildings, so mail should be delivered as normal. In order to help assist the post office, please be checking on your mail daily.

Building Systems, HVAC, and Air Quality

Building Filtration System / Air Filters

Various industry air quality experts cite an importance on proper humidity/temperature levels, adequate air flow, and consistent maintenance of the filtration systems to minimize the spread of the virus.  The Granite Engineering Teams are actively monitoring the building HVAC system and air quality levels per ASHRAE and CDC guidelines.

The Granite Engineering Team replaced all building standard air filters in the last week of March though they are consistently replaced on a regular basis per manufacturer recommendations.  This preventive maintenance is tracked and documented through our automated PM work order system.  We have used the highest MERV rating filters compatible with the equipment.

Please note that it is the responsibility of each individual customer to change the air filters located within their own computer server rooms. For additional information, please reach out directly to the Granite PX Team.

Air Changes Per Hour

When a suite is built, it is specifically engineered and designed to meet the local code requirements for fresh air based on the drawings approved by the local code authority. The air exchange rate will ebb and flow depending on the load of your space throughout the day depending on outside temperature, humidity and number of people occupying the space.  The Granite Engineering Team is monitoring the HVAC system to make adjustments as needed.

HEPA Air Filters / Purifiers

Several items must be considered before HEPA air purifiers or air scrubbers are installed within a customer’s space.  Most Quality HEPA air purifiers operate at a high db rating, which means they are usually loud enough the customer cannot carry on normal phone conversations.  HEPA purifiers created for home use will not work in an office environment due to the size of the office and also the amount of air being pushed into the office space compared to a home environment.  There are also code requirements requiring cord length, clear area around the equipment, and calculated coverage area per machine.  Should you want to install a HEPA air purifier or filter, please provide an equipment plan to the Granite PX Team for review.  The plan will need to include the means of sub metering all equipment and should include a maintenance agreement with an approved contractor for the upkeep of the equipment.

Sensor-Activated Controls for Lobbies, Elevators, and Common Areas

The building includes many sensor-activated controls that were either a part of original design or have been installed over the years.  We are currently evaluating restrooms to add touchless controls where applicable.

Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) Inspection for Indoor Air Quality, Mold or Legionella

Our buildings have continued to operate as normal since the stay at home orders were implemented.  As such, the building has maintained normal building temperatures.  We have continued to inspect the building as we normally do in regards to any leaks that could create mold, changing the air filters as recommended by the equipment manufacture, and treating and cleaning the cooling tower to insure conditions do not exist for the formation of legionella.  As such, we do not plan to call for a certified Industrial Hygienist inspection at this time.

Legionnaire’s Disease (Legionella) in Water Lines

Sitting water can be prone to the growth of legionella bacteria.  The Granite Engineering Team is taking steps to run the water in all restrooms and common areas but it will be important for each customer to take responsibility for their own leased space The following guideline is a resource to consider prior to returning to the workplace.  Should you need assistance completing these action items, the Granite PX Team can put you in touch with an approved plumber that can help.

Tips to Ensure Water Quality in a Customer Space After Low Use:

  • Water Lines: Locate the taps for your sinks in your suite(s) on each floor and flush the cold water and hot water faucets for 5 minutes. Flush each water fountain for one minute, building common area fountains will be flushed by the building once they are put into service.  Any water lines that attach to your coffee makers, ice machines, or water coolers should also be flushed for 5 minutes.  When flushing all systems, start the water flow slow for the first minute then increase to full pressure for the next four minutes.
  • Ice Makers: Dispose of all existing ice, let ice maker run through two cycles and dispose of ice.
  • Water Filters: Change any water filters located on coffee makers, refrigerators, and ice machines.
  • Aerators: Remove and clean the faucet aerators when flushing your sink faucets. Particles can collect in the aerator screen located at the tip of faucets. Aerators should be replaced annually.
  • Water Storage Tanks: Water storage tanks found in coffee makers, ice machines, water coolers, etc. should be sanitized by your service provider.

Customer Resources

Re-Entry Checklist

Our Granite team is hard at work preparing the common areas throughout the building for increased occupancy.  We have compiled this list of items as a resource for you, our customer, to prepare your own lease spaces for re-entry of your employees. Download the Re-Entry Checklist.

  • Submit request for any desired additional cleaning noted above through the Service Portal
  • Legionella bacteria is prone to grow in sitting water which can cause Legionnaire’s Disease.  Prior to the return of employees, each customer should take the below actions for their leased space.  The PX team is taking care of these items throughout the common area.  Please reach out to your PX team if you would like the contact information for a plumber that can assist you in these steps.
    • Flush all water faucets, coffee makers, ice machines, water coolers for 5 minutes (start slow first minute) and clean aerators where applicable
    • Empty ice makers, run two cycles, empty ice maker one final time before use
    • Change water filters in coffee makers, refrigerators, ice machines
    • Sanitize any water storage tanks (coffee, tea, etc.)
    • Remove and clean faucet aerators
  • Order sanitizing supplies and PPE as needed
  • Prepare suite to direct employees to social distance
    • See the list of Customer Resources if you need assistance sourcing any PPE, sanitizing supplies or suite signage.
  • Install touchless features within lease space where feasible

Building-Specific Re-Entry Videos

Granite has compiled building-specific videos to show what to expect when you choose to return to your building and help set expectations for the new “normal” when visiting a Granite property.